XL Sports Group

XL Sports Group, we pride ourselves on our commitment to our players and their families from the moment they sign with us at XL Sports, and through their NFL career.  We represent and care about our clients in a very personal manner, with unique personal attention that an NFL bound athlete deserves and desires.    

Our Services

Our main focus is to place our clients in the best position to succeed.  We want our players to concentrate on what they do best… training, playing, and getting better every day. 

Our clients demand that their representatives work on our end as hard as they do.  To that, our objective is to enhance our clients’ draft stock position through expert pre-Draft preparation from gaining invitations to the college all-star games, NFL Combine and Pro-Day preparation, through individual workouts and interviews with NFL clubs. 

The training and individual and position coaching our clients receive prepares them for every possible event they will encounter during the pre-draft period.  From the pre-draft training, combine-specific testing, position-specific skill development, and Wonderlic testing, we provide our clients with an intentional purpose that for every event they meet during the pre-Draft experience and beyond, they are prepared to give the best possible response to achieve the greatest outcome. 

For Our Clients:

  • Pre- Draft Training
  • Contract Negotiations
  • Commercial Endorsements
  • Non-Profit Foundations
  • Post-Career Counseling | Life after the NFL
  • Experience 
  • More importantly, XL Sports offers every client: Loyalty, expert contract knowledge, honesty and hard work.

Additional services XL Sports Group provides for its clients upon signing.

  • Establishing and clearing up credit
  • Wonderlic testing
  • Negotiating automobile terms for leasing or purchasing a car
  • Negotiating and pricing real estate deals
  • Assistance through the process of your real estate purchase
  • Benefits assistance
  • Concierge services for Travel | Hotel | Car services
  • Relocation assistance from player’s college to player’s new home team city 
  • Providing Legal services
  • Nutritionalist and planned meals program
  • Branding | Website development
  • Assistance forming a nonprofit 501(c)3 foundation, includes filling out many legal documents, including, but not limited to, your state’s incorporation paperwork and IRS form 1023
  • Injury settlements
  • Post-Career Counseling


And much more…  Most importantly, XL Sports Group offers every client loyalty, hard work, expert contract knowledge, honesty and a group doing it the right way for the right reasons.